Volume Pills™ FAQ:

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Don't be shy! You can’t surprise us with your questions. Rest assured that your safety and trust are our top priority.

1. How does it work?

Volume Pills™ are a genuine combination of 100% natural ingredients, doctor recommended for its ability to improve semen volume, libido and sexual stamina. By improving the volume of semen you deliver, your penile muscles will contract harder and longer to deliver all that impressive semen... ... Which in return gives orgasms that are more enjoyable, longer, and more intense. Volume Pills™ also skyrocket testosterone levels, including the blood circulation to the penis, which gives increased number of erections that are stronger, longer, and more visually stunning. Your self-confidence will improve as you will both see and feel the obvious change in your erection power and cum volume. In addition, your improved performance usually gives results in partner’s pleasure, who is thrilled with the new level of joy!

2. Why should I make Volume Pills™ to be my #1 choice?

Volume Pills™ has a well-deserved #1 rating by both users and doctors for improving the semen volume and erection power because it comes with the following...

  • 100% natural elements
  • A doctor-recommended formulation
  • No known side effects
  • No prescription necessary
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No costly prescriptions
  • No strange looking gadgets or risky surgeries

Remember, there are absolutely NO RISKS in using Volume Pills™ because it includes a rock-solid 67 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. That's an unparalleled guarantee for ANY male improver product, but we’re pretty much confident about our Volume Pills™. We will handle all the risk so you can feel confident about using it yourself.

3. Isn’t just simpler to take Viagra?

Viagra does not deal with the issues of ejaculation volume. Viagra is a full-scale pharmaceutical drug, which comes with all kinds of side effects and risks, while Volume Pills™ on the other side, is 100% natural herbal solutions, with no known side effects; this is not a prescription drug. Viagra can also be quite expensive, ranging from $20 to $40 FOR A SINGLE PILL INCLUDING a doctor's prescription. You can get Volume Pills™ more easily and affordably.

4. What the increased semen volume got to do with the better orgasms?

By increasing the semen volume you deliver, your reproduction organs must contract stronger, harder and longer, ensuring the most intense and enjoyable orgasms of your life! On the other hand, it improves your partner's overall satisfaction over your performance, as well. Can you believe that the best sex you can ever have is only one click away? Get your Volume Pills™ today, and experience the ultimate sexual joy for both you and your female partner.

5. What elements come with its formula?

Feel free to click here in order to get a precise report of the Volume Pills™ formula and its ingredients .

6. Are they safe?

Our doctor-approved formula was produced in labs by our special team of medical professionals and sexual health experts. Therefore, you can get the following... available without a perscription

In addition, we will go an extra mile to include the distinguished pharmaceutical producers for your convenience that are recognized by the well-known retailers, such as Albertsons, Rite Aid, Safeway, and Wal-Mart!

That means...

  • Our products are fully compliant with the cGMP certificates!
  • All ingredients and raw materials are going through detailed and rigorous tests.
  • We can show you our Certificates of Analysis, which cover all of our ingredients to support our claims about their quality, freshness, and safety.
  • Every package of Volume Pills™ comes with the thoughtful marks and lots of numbers, including expiry dates, which prove our serious attention when it comes to your privacy and safety!
Although, we share the common business goal just like any other corporation, you can rest assured that when it comes to our customers the profit isn’t our top priority. Your safety and privacy are our #1 priorities. Simply, we won’t accept it to do our business any other way!

7. What’s going to happen after I conduct a vasectomy?

Our product can still improve the overall quantity of semen volume you can deliver, including your libido and erection power. In case, you suffer from any other serious medical conditions, you should consult your doctor before using VolumePills™ including our Customer Support Team

8. Is it simple to use pills each day?

Absolutely! All you need are two pills per day. One as soon as you get up, and the other before you go to sleep. Therefore, Volume Pills™ are produced to ensure maximal potency power with only two pills per day!

9. What about the discretion of Volume Pills?

All Volume Pills™ packages include a double packing system for improved security. We understand how important is privacy for you. The delivery guys won’t have a slightest idea what they are giving you in discrete packages.
Here's how your order will look alike: packing system for improved security

10. What name is going to appear on my credit card statement?

Credit card charges include only the following label "www.leminternet.com". Your credit card data will not be a part of any database or customers’ record. In addition, we won’t charge you or deliver anything you haven’t previously ordered. We will protect all your personal data with the state of the art 128 encryption technology. We will make sure that your orders come from the safest possible place online. You need to feel safe and sound while you’re ordering Volume Pills™. Additionally, we won’t share your personal data to third parties including spamming.

11. What shipping options do you offer?

Our aim is to deliver our products no matter how far or where exactly you are on the globe. Within the 24 hours of getting your order, we will ship your package simply and discretely. Please note that the delivery time is influenced by the shipment option you choose.
We use the services of these shipping companies: ship your package simply and discretely

12. Are the Volume Pills™ expensive?

The Volume Pills™ are the cheapest solution for the improvement of your available semen volume and erection power. It comes without saying that…
... You’ll get much more than you’ve initially paid for!
Our prices are extremely thoughtful, taking into account the top quality and security standards that are used to produce the Volume Pills™. In addition, our product is one of VERY FEW doctor-recommended male improvement herbal supplements you can find available on the market today.
Take into account that prescribed drugs, such as Viagra can be very expensive from $20-$40 for a single pill.
The calculation is quite a simple one. If you like to enjoy at least 2 to 3 times a week, this will cost you from $160 - $400+ per month.
Volume Pills™ always come with the generous saving opportunities.
To find out more about saving discounts and packages, click here now!

13. What about a guarantee?

Our guarantee offers you an unparalleled 60 DAYS to try Volume Pills with no RISKS! If you don’t like it regardless of the reason, you send us back the used packages and you’ll get your money back, no questions asked, excluding shipping & handling costs.

14. What about your support team?

Our top class Customer Support Team is ready to assist you each step of the way. If you have any doubts or questions about the Volume Pills™, feel free to call us at 1-866-621-6889.

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